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Sant Fost de Campsentelles, Catalunya SPAIN

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Size 7.5 hammer forged 18k and 14k Electrum pale yellow gold and moissanite ring. The bezel is 18k gold with a14k electrum pale yellow gold band. 18k beads are fused  onto the shank of the ring on either side of the stone. The stone is a brilliant cut .50ct 5.6mm white moissanite. 


In my pursuit of reimagining ancient jewelry, the band of this ring is made from a 14k Electrum alloy. Electrum is a naturally occurring alloy of gold and silver,[ with trace amounts of copper and other metals. It has also been produced artificially, and is often known as green gold. The ancient Greeks called it 'gold' or 'white gold', as opposed to 'refined gold'. Its colour ranges from pale to bright yellow, depending on the proportions of gold and silver.


This ring is a continuation of my concept that jewelry should have the look and feel of treasure. Something that looks and feels as if it could have been dug up in Rome, Egypt, or been a part of a viking or Saxon jewelry hoard. All of my pieces are hand forged and fabricated with old world methods thousands of years old. My goal is to keep this metalsmithing tradition alive. With personal interaction between myself, the metal,  the gems, and ultimately my customers! My images are all real and untouched with all the personality of the individual piece. No computer renderings of pieces that have never been made. None of my products are stamped from metal clay or cast using 3D printers.


Resizable, so If you need it in another size, just let me know! No additional charge to resize.



All of my silver and solders are alloyed by me from fine silver bullion and pure copper so there are no toxic "mystery metals" in my jewelry. Every item is hand forged from molten metal by traditional hammer and anvil methods. The only 2 things on my workbench that a roman silversmith would not recognize are a torch and an Ipod................


I offer a limited lifetime (the limit is my lifetime :-) and I have a lot of good years left)service guarantee. If you lose or break a stone I will be happy to replace it for the price (the price I pay) for the stone and shipping. 

I live between Texas and Barcelona Spain. When you order, I ship via USPS priority in the US and Fedex if I am in Spain. Fedex generally delivers in 2-3 days from my home in Spain. To ship via FedEx, they require a phone number on your end in case they have delivery problems. Please leave your phone number in comments when you order to avoid delays.

Thanks for looking!

Unique Alternative Engagement Modern Ring ~ Genuine .50 Ct White Moissanite