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.15 ct natural champagne diamond solitaire ring, size 8. This diamond is a fancy champagne colored stone with lots of fire set into a highly polished pedestal bezel. The band is a tarnish resistant Argentium silver hand forged that has been smoothed and polished. If you need it in another size, just let me know! 

No need to buy synthetic Moissanite when you can have a great natural came from the ground stone for less price! All of my diamonds are CONFLICT FREE stones from a trusted US wholesaler. :-)

Why buy forged metal? Cast rings are full of tiny voids and the crystal of the metal structure is inconsistant. If you look at it under a microscope, you will see a mixture of large and small crystal structures. When a billet of metal is forged, this crystal structure is compressed into a uniform size and arrangement, eliminating any weaknesses and the potential for cracking. Cast rings are cheaper, but forged rings are made to last.

All of my silver and solders are alloyed by me from fine silver bullion and pure copper so there are no toxic "mystery metals" in my jewelry. Every item is hand forged from molten metal by traditional hammer and anvil methods. The only 2 things on my workbench that a roman silversmith would not recognize are a torch and an Ipod................

I offer a limited lifetime (the limit is my lifetime :-) and I have a lot of good years left)service guarantee. If you lose or break a stone I will be happy to replace it for the price (the price I pay) for the stone and shipping. 

I normally use insured International Economy Shipping which is 2-3 weeks to the US. Express shipping is available in shipping options. Express usually arrives in a week to the US.

Thanks for looking!

Natural .15ct SI2 Champagne Diamond Solitaire Set In Argentium Sterling Silver S

SKU: 5-2023
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