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Modern sterling silver hand cast square band. Cast in sterling silver using a technique dating back to pre-Roman times. This ring features a  brushed finish all over and is 4mm wide. This design is extremely comfortable for daily wear. These rings are made to order in your size.  I can generally have them out in a week or less.


I take great pride that every one of pieces of jewelry is 100% legally compliant with the US Federal Trade Commissions definition of hand made jewelry (§ 23.3 Misuse of the terms "hand-made," "hand-polished," etc.)!


All of my silver and solders are alloyed by me from recycled fine silver bullion and pure copper so there are no toxic "mystery metals" in my jewelry. Every item is hand forged or hand cast from molten metal by traditional silversmithing technique that are thousands of years old. All of my wire is manufactured by pulling through a draw plate in my own shop. The only 2 things on my workbench that a roman silversmith would not recognize are a torch and an Ipad................ All of my products are designed and handmade - by ME. 


I do not outsource any of my work whatsoever and I have no intention of doing so. I am an artisan and craftsman who values tradition, and puts a bit of my soul into every piece I produce.

I offer a limited lifetime (the limit is my lifetime :-) and I have a lot of good years left)service guarantee. If you lose or break a stone I will be happy to replace it for the price (the price I pay) for the stone and shipping. 


Thanks for looking!

Hand Cast Modern Sterling Silver Rounded Edge Square Band

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